by Isabel Pascual

Due to the current crisis situation, all type of manufacturing companies- from basic goods to the most innovative or complex products, are paying more attention than ever to their customers and the effectiveness of their commercial operations.  Manufacturers who in the past focused primarily on improving productivity minimizing costs and positioning their product superiority are now finding difficult to achieve growth through market driven strategies that focus on customer intimacy, value-based selling, and highly effective selling organizations.

The market has thrown new challenges at the companies.  During the last years, customers and channel partners have consolidated, “power” buyers have emerged, product parity is increasing, and price competition is galore.  Whereas these additional difficulties might present a case of basic survival to the least prepared of the companies, they also present an opportunity for companies who develop and execute the best go-to-market strategies.

Among others, executives are facing, more and more often the merger of integrate sales, service and marketing organizations after an acquisition, or find themselves fighting price and margin erosion due to commoditization or generitization of products; they are forced to defining win-win solutions to market supply chain and retailers price wars, they need to assess channel optimization, to enhance the effectiveness of the commercial team, to improving the management of the Key Accounts, determining optimal field force sizing and effort allocation tactics, designing territories to obtain the most efficient and effective sales, or profiling, defining, segmenting, valuing and targeting customers or accounts.

Beyond these tactical challenges, there are also strategic tasks to cover, like uncovering synergies among products, portfolios, geographies or business units, creating implementable go-to-market strategies upon product launch or market expansion, creating full plans for performance measurement, compensation, coaching, information and tools, and leveraging available information and facts to support sales and marketing decisions

Zarzia’s consultants have ample experience working with companies developing targeted strategies and aligned implementable programs to improve commercial and marketing effectiveness.  Our approach is based upon a long term understanding of the market dynamics.  Additionally, we have monitored during the last 15 years different companies’ strategies, sometimes successful, sometimes less, and learnt from their errors, so you do not have to make them!.

We can use all the experiences of third parties, supplemented by Zarzia’s consultant’s knowledge and proven approaches of business models in different sectors, to quickly improve your effectiveness, or put in place operational plans.