Mexico  - Incentive Compensation & Objective Setting. 

The local Commercial Head of a tier II global  pharma company could not retain talent, and team turnover was >50% YoY.  Operations were resented, as well as business results.


A diagnosis through root-cause analyses (RCA) was initiated.  Qualitative interviews & Quantitative data research highlighted an obsolete and mismatched incentive compensation system, rewarding underachievers to the expense of successful medical representatives. 

Together with management, the i ncentive compensation  plan was re-design - components, weights, quantitative & qualitative factors included and a full risk analyses was prepared,  in order to align with company’s strategic (& financial) results vision, and individual, fair objectives were recalculated based on budget & forecasts. 

All the system was automatized to minimize mistakes, and a dashboard was created for transparency y and easiness of usage.