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Zarzia is a boutique management consulting firm with global reach, specializing in sales and marketing consulting, strategic planning, and quantification of long-term business development opportunities Zarzia has deep expertise across the sales and marketing spectrum, from the board-level strategic projects to the on-the-ground tactical implementations.

You can find a detailed description of our services in these pages, or you can request our brochures_here, or see them online for pharmaceuticals, capital intensive sector and FMCG, respectively. We also serve SMEs on these sectors


Zarzia is a global management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing consulting and capability building. We have worked with more than 70 companies, helping them improve their operations, choices and results.

We create long term partnerships with our clients, that have allowed us to be very knowledgeable and have in-depth understanding of the specialized models for sales and marketing firms in the pharmaceutical sector, which are different across various geographies in the world. Our first clients remain clients – and friends still today.

Our capabilities range from strategy development to highly detailed levels of on-the-field tactical implementation. We help our clients to:

Please refer to the Pharmaceutical page to know more about our core competencies on this field

Zarzia is a global management consulting firm with deep knowledge in strategic planning, manufacturing process improvement, and investment decisions. We have worked intensively with this heavy investment sector for more than 15 years, helping them measurably take better decisions on their strategic and implantation plans.

The work and experience of our consultants as managers and executives in the Sector have allowed us to know in- and out- the process, business models and systems.

Our capabilities for the industry sector range from strategic planning to minute detail manufacturing implementation. We work closely with our clients to:

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Zarzia is a truly global company specializing in marketing and business development consulting for the retail and FMCG manufacturing sector. We have worked in- and with the largest international groups on the last 15 years, facilitating and accelerating their marketing initiatives and optimizing their business performance.

Zarzia offers a balanced portfolio of on-going work in marketing initiatives, spot market research, or long term business development services.

Our capabilities range from creating quantitatively based value propositions to high detailed levels marketing mix plans, passing by ad-hoc price sensitivity, or market segment analyses. We help our clients:

Please refer to the FMCG page to know more about our core competencies on this field

Clients & Industries

Zarzia has served clients in more than 50 countries and across our key industry sectors, which include:


Zarzia has extensive experience throughout the globe, having worked, lived and consulted in more than 50 countries. We have helped clients in the following geographies:

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Serving both the Rx and OTC sectors on marketing and sales operational optimizations, portfolio management, partnerships, licensing, strategic options, product launches and company readiness.



Consulting for heavy investment industry (construction, logistics, trading) on strategic planning, financial scenario risk analyses dossiers, brownfield audits, greenfield investment projects, strategic options for organic & M&A growth.



Supporting manufacturers and the retail sector on brand management, product launches, business development valorization and readiness, customer segmentation and targeting, price sensitivities, quanti- and qualitative high-level market research.