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The market has thrown new challenges at the pharmaceutical companies. During the last years, customers and channel partners have consolidated, power buyers have emerged, product parity is increasing due to patent expires, and price competition is galore. Whereas these additional difficulties might present a case of basic survival to the least prepared of the companies, they also present an opportunity for companies who develop and execute the best go-to-market strategies, and have learnt how to optimize on-market costs.

Additionally, due to the current crisis situation, all type of pharma companies- from the ones manufacturing generics to those commercializing the most innovative or complex pharmaceuticals-, are paying more attention than ever to their customers and the effectiveness of their commercial operations. Companies who in the past focused primarily on improving productivity minimizing costs and positioning their product superiority are now finding difficult to achieve growth through market driven strategies that focus on customer intimacy, value-based selling and highly effective selling organizations.

Among others, pharmaceutical executives are facing, more and more often the merger of integrate sales, service and marketing organizations after an acquisition, or find themselves fighting price and margin erosion due to generitization of products; or even more often, they are finding that their historical customers do not have any prescription power any more. Pharmaceutical managers are forced to defining win-win solutions to market supply chain and retailers price wars, they need to assess channel optimization, to enhance the effectiveness of the commercial team, to improving the management of the Key Accounts, determining optimal field force sizing and effort allocation tactics, designing territories to obtain the most efficient and effective sales, or profiling, defining, segmenting, valuing and targeting customers or accounts

Beyond these tactical challenges, there are also strategic tasks to cover, like uncovering synergies among products, portfolios, geographies or business units, creating implementable go-to-market strategies upon product launch or market expansion, or defining full plans for performance measurement, compensation, coaching, information and tools, and leveraging available information and facts to support sales and marketing decisions

Zarzia consultants have ample experience working with companies developing implementable strategies and tactics to improve commercial and marketing effectiveness. Our approach is based upon a long term understanding of the market dynamics. Additionally, we have monitored during the last 15 years different companies strategies, sometimes successful, sometimes less, within different pharmaceutical companies.




  • Launch excellence

    In order to provide your new product with the best opportunity to succeed, we help you by creating pre-launch diagnostics, to assess the company, product and market’s readiness, as well as support cross-function, project management, and creation of project plans, milestones, KPIs and time management for the successful timely launch. The projects usually involve:

    • Audit of product dossier readiness - including forecasting, investment, commercial proposition, commercial penetration rate and speed, benchmark, cannibalization scenarios, and risk analyses among other dimmensions
    • Audit of company readiness - among other tasks, responsiblities, timelines, fairness of workloads, cross-functional communication channels, milestones reliability, KPIs and others
    • Audit of market readiness - with ad hoc market research, pre-marketing initiatives assessment, investment workload, KOL mapping, formal & informal networks and market access process definition
    • Creation of gap analyses and realistic plans for optimizing the window of opportunity for product launch

  • The pharmaceutical business model evolution has been accelerating during the last years, due to the large amount of blockbusters undergoing patent expire, and the dryness of the last years companies' pipelines. With morphing product portfolios, the need for reassesment of investment, or alternative commercialization strategies is a must. Companies undertake with us projects that help proactively handling, or defensively preparing for the change on the revenue lines.


    Detailed areas of expertise

    Within the pharmaceutical sector, you can count on us to support you on the following areas of expertise, yet, if you want to know how the knowledge on other sectors' areas could help you considering alternative business models, please do not hesitate to contact us.


      Strategic planning

    • Product launch excellence
    • Geographical expansions
    • Partnerships, Licensing, Co/promotions
    • Portfolio Management
    • Business model validation
    • Commercial organizational models
    • KOL & (in)formal networks mapping


    • Sales Force Design (Size, Structure and Allocation of resources)
    • Profiling, Segmentation & Targeting (physicians)
    • Profiling, Segmentation & Targeting (pharmacies)
    • Territorial design & alignment
    • ATL & commercial mix optimization

      Commercial Operations

    • Audits of commercial operations
    • Incentive Compensation & Goal Setting
    • Tracking and Dashboard systems
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Market Access
    • Implementation program followup
    • Yearly planning process support








    Our three sectors of expertise

    Pharmaceutical Companies

    Pharmaceutical Companies

    Serving both the Rx and OTC sectors on marketing and sales operational optimizations, portfolio management, partnerships, licensing, strategic options, product launches and company readiness.



    Consulting for heavy investment industry (construction, logistics, trading) on strategic planning, financial scenario risk analyses dossiers, brownfield audits, greenfield investment projects, strategic options for organic & M&A growth.



    Supporting manufacturers and the retail sector on brand management, product launches, business development valorization and readiness, customer segmentation and targeting, price sensitivities, quanti- and qualitative high-level market research.