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The current crisis is forcing the companies into a very challenging market landscape, which presents a significant evolution from the basic business models that the consumer product companies are used to.

Manufacturers consolidation, oligopsomy of buyers and commoditization of products are three of the main pressure points leading to price dumping, forcing companies to evaluate their current business models for sustainability and survival.  Today, in order to survive in this landscape, and product launch has to be flawless, to assure success. The consumer products companies are seeking to work at three different levels to achieve a competitive advantage on this terrain.

The three levers for succesful product launch are based upon (a) the readiness of the company -which is not always evident, (b) the readiness of the market - that has to be preconditioned by the company and (c) the readiness of the product -always given for granted, but not always achieved.

Zarzia Consulting has been working extensively with manufacturers and retailers to know that this model is exhaustive and complete enough to achieve success on projects with the following focus:


Company readiness

  • Launch readiness process audit (up to 12-18 months prior to launch)
  • Launch project organization, including delegation and outsourcing
  • Analyses and optimization of staging, testing and validation
  • Definition of pre-launch activities and marketing
  • Pre- & At-launch coherence of marketing & sales activities and responsibilities
  • Marketing mix investment optimization

Product Readiness

  • Market Research for benefit differentiation (quantitative, anova, multi-variable)
  • Concept Testing for value proposition (qualitative)
  • IRL (in-vivo) benefit testing (quantitative / qualitative)
  • Purchase Intent testing (quantitative, anova, multi-variable)
  • Multi-variable (anova) analyses for product/container combinations
  • Messaging quantitative testing

Market Readiness

  • Habits & Practices, Attitudes &Believes MR and quantitative analyses
  • Profiling, Segmentation and Targeting of final customer
  • Channel strategy
  • Sales and merchandising force design
  • Territory design
  • Compensation and performance management
  • Sales forecasts scenarios and contingency planning


    Our capabilities range from creating quantitatively based value propositions to high detailed levels marketing mix plans, passing by ad-hoc price sensitivity, or market segment analyses.  We help our clients:.

  • Creating the staged marketing plan and business proposition for new business development; from the incept idea, to the pricing, SKUs and flankers on 36 months plan
  • Systematizing profiling,segmentation and targeting of customers and clients, to best tailor marketing intitiatives
  • Quantifying and optimizing RoI of marketing mix plans, based on the 4- or 7-P approach

Zarzia has deep expertise across the sales and marketing spectrum, from the board-level strategic projects to the on-the-ground tactical implementations. For FMCG & Retail, you can count on Zarzia to support you on the following areas of expertise



We collaborate with our partner company Actando for providing state-of the art basic and advanced training and executive coaching

FMCG Clients & Geographies

Zarzia consultants have helped consumer products companies address their sales and marketing issues for more than 15 years. We have worked with numerous consumer products companies in a wide range of areas including:

  • Confectionery
  • Cosmetics and fragrances
  • Perishable Food
  • Health and beauty products
  • Household products
  • Preserves and manufactured food
  • Parapharmacetuical products
  • Western Europe (France, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy...)
  • Central Europe (Poland, Czech rep., Slovenia, Hungary, Austria)
  • Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine)
  • Southern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia)


Our three sectors of expertise

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Serving both the Rx and OTC sectors on marketing and sales operational optimizations, portfolio management, partnerships, licensing, strategic options, product launches and company readiness.



Consulting for heavy investment industry (construction, logistics, trading) on strategic planning, financial scenario risk analyses dossiers, brownfield audits, greenfield investment projects, strategic options for organic & M&A growth.



Supporting manufacturers and the retail sector on brand management, product launches, business development valorization and readiness, customer segmentation and targeting, price sensitivities, quanti- and qualitative high-level market research.